At your side for <span> succes</span>

At your side for succes

Our values


As the basis of our scientific approach, creativity and innovation remain at the center of our priorities in order to satisfy our customers. The combination of scientific and technological advances are for us the future of our products and services that will allow us to be part of a sustainable approach.


Quality remains one of the primary values of our products and services. Thanks to our experts, we have the chance to provide a slender performance and requirement to preserve this high quality over time.


Our commitment to social responsibility and respect for the environment is the foundation of our innovative approach. A collective performance in a company can only be achieved by sustaining a sustainable performance.

The Issues

The physical and mental health of the employee is a key issue !

The primary objective of our company is to put the human being at the center of priorities for collective performance.

We propose to energize human resources through a humanistic conception of entrepreneurship, supported by a strong reason of being, all of which allows for the involvement of all employees.

Through the social aspect of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and quality of life at work (QWL), MCC has created, in an innovative and unique approach, a multidisciplinary approach of the human in the company.

This aspect is like a real managerial tool of attractiveness and help for human resources.

How do the employees of my company feel?

Are they in favorable working conditions to optimize the best of themselves? How will my business be in 2-3 years?

Nowadays, human resources are the main axes of development in order to help the growth of companies. They represent the foundations of a healthy and sustainable business. Thus, MCC has set up an audit based on a methodical and scientific process to objectively evaluate the well-being and well-being and the (QWL) of the employees.

This audit allows to have a representation of the performance indicators of well-being, QLW and to identify problems. It is based on a reference framework and validated international standards.

Preventive strategy

This analysis makes it possible to identify certain health risk factors in order to implement a preventive strategy.

The resulting report is at the same time individual, anonymous but also collective.

  • Areas of health prevention/individual (stress, etc.) and collective well-being.
  • Better understanding of the well-being of employees, particularly in terms of the framing of the activity, the environment, perceived characteristics and work organization.
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The founders' words

Monaco Care Concept (MCC) enables us to support people with constant and unique attention, a harmonious alchemy between physical and mental health and the environment.

Reconsidering the way we think about the work environment can positively reinforce the exceptional character of our companies.

Monaco Care Concept is a vector for promoting sustainable health in all areas of life.

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