Nutritional plan for your company

The finding

For several years, the number of overweight and unhealthy people has been steadily increasing. To overcome this growing phenomenon, the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with scientists, is setting up "Health Plans" which consist of improving the state of health of individuals.

Our mission

We will help you improve your diet, an essential element for maintaining and developing your health capital. You will only find advantages! Together, we will guide you towards achieving your results.

Our solutions

  1. Implementation of an individualized food strategy
  2. Adapted according to energy needs
  3. Nutritional assessment: Definition of objectives, anthropometric measurements
  4. Education towards new eating habits
  5. Support, accompaniment and motivation in taking charge of your health
  6. Comprehensive management of overweight, obesity or other pathologies requiring a monitored diet
  7. Implementation of advice sheets: water retention, smoking cessation, diabetes, cholesterol, pregnancy, hydration
  8. Implementation of balanced menus and meals: business, sports, weight loss Nutrition workshops: food labelling, how to shop well
  9. Cooking workshops: putting simple and healthy recipes into practice
  10. Conferences on nutrition on a very specific subject: balanced diet, organic eating, sports nutrition, vegetarian or vegan food


  • Strengthen your immune system, develop the body's natural defenses,
  • Improve learning abilities (memory, balance, concentration, etc.),
  • Improve physical and mental well-being. Improve daily fitness,
  • Aging and delaying physical and cognitive processes related to the degeneration of cellular tissues,
  • Restore meaning and importance to mealtimes.