What is Monaco Care Concept?

Mélanie & Jérôme

Qualified experts, Mélanie and Jérôme Vaulerin both have a Doctorate in Human Movement Sciences. In addition, they have a certification as an Intervener in Occupational Risk Prevention (IPRP) giving them official authorization to work in a company.

Mélanie holds a BTS Dietetics, a master 2 and a doctorate in social psychology and sports health. During this research, she highlighted in this work the influence of stereotypes related to aging in the field of physical activity. In addition, she had developed health prevention programs in several large cities.

After a Master 2 physical preparation, rehabilitation and many years of training high-level athletes, Jérôme is doing his doctorate on the psycho-physiological approach to injury. Affecting more than 500 employees in a public company, Jérôme was interested in the influence of the quality of life at work (burnout, stress, etc.) and the psychosocial context in the occurrence of injury.

Both have published scientific articles in international indexed journals.

“Whether in the world of entrepreneurship or in high-level performance, they undeniably remain seasoned professionals recognized by their peers. »